Product Applications

Adding Beauty to Glass

GCC Ceramic Enamels deliver lasting beauty and performance for a wide range of product applications.

Since ancient times, ceramic colors have demonstrated unsurpassed permanence. These colors can last for centuries without fading or otherwise changing in appearance. Today's equivalent, improved by modern formulations and manufacturing processes, is found in the lasting beauty and performance of GCC Ceramic Enamels.

GCC enamels are fired onto a glass substrate in order to form a permanent bond. They are different from 'organic' or 'silicone' paints or inks because the backbone of the system, or the binder, is actually glass. When the paint is cured, this glass binder becomes a permanent part of the glass substrate and cannot be removed by ordinary means.

Because of their durability, glass enamels are used on objects for which long-lasting performance and beauty are desired.

GCC is a vertically integrated manufacturer – we make our own glass frits, pigments, and mediums. For you, this means that we have total control over the reliability, sustainability, quality and development of the key components of Ceramic Enamels.

It also means that we can provide a wide range of colors and unique effects, driven by your most challenging design opportunities. Glossy, matte, satin etch, translucent, metallic or pearlescent, non-skid, frosts – whatever your need, we will work to deliver you the effect you are looking for.

We intend to be there when you need us, long into the future. We were the first to go completely lead-free, and we continue to develop sustainable products and production processes that will serve you in the decades to come.